I am a fairly tech savvy person.  At least I consider that to be true – for a person of my age (62 as of this writing).  I am pretty comfortable searching the internet and I know my way around my iPhone, iPad and laptop much better than my hubby! 😉

So, it goes without saying that I have visited a few web pages/blogs in my day.  But I have never made my own blog page – until now!  This is kind of a big deal for me.  And a little scary.

I have it all up and running, but I don’t know if it is very “user friendly”.  I know the kinds of things I don’t like to see on web pages.  Too many adds that move around too much. (That ADHD thing!) Menus that drop down when the cursor gets too close, covering what I am trying to see – and then won’t go away. Not being able to find what I am looking for – no clear menu.  Really tiny and faint colors of fonts – don’t ‘they’ know us older people use the internet, too! I am sure there are others, but these are at the top of my list.

So, what I am wondering – do you have any things that YOU like to see – or NOT SEE – on a web pages/blogs? Leave a comment – I am still trying to figure this all out and would like to make this as comfortable a place to visit as I can!