Try this laundry room hack to make wash day a little easier!

A few years back we needed to replace our 25+ year old washer & dryer.  I don’t remember what make or model we had.   I probably should, given all those years of faithful service – but, hey – “I’m old; I get confused!”  I  do remember what I went through in finding replacements. The first set had lasted more than 25 years. They were the first major appliance purchase we had made together – they were part of the family!

Back then, “they” made things to last a good long time.  And I knew the new set would last half as long – if I were lucky!  Maybe it didn’t really matter what brand I picked – I probably would be replacing it in a few years anyway!

But that isn’t the point – the point is that in replacing my washer, I also had to replace my DETERGENT.  The High Efficiency (HE) washers they make now, don’t really play nice with powder detergent.  I was finding specks & clumps of detergent powder on my “clean” laundry – that was just not going to fly.

So, I switched to the liquid. I bought the giant economy size and stashed it on the shelf above the washer. It came with a handy measuring cup that you used to fill the dispenser in the machine. Worked great. For about a month.

You see,  our new machine didn’t start filling with water until the lid was closed & locked. To rinse the cup, I would need to take it into the kitchen and scrub all the slimy detergent out of it and the bring it back to the laundry room. (No, I don’t have a stationary tub – maybe next house😉) So this “handy” cup never got rinsed out. And it got REALLY gross!

And then one day, I had used up a bottle of detergent booster.  It was a nice, small bottle that, when full, was still pretty easy to handle. And it had a nice pour spout so no drips. It was then that I got the idea to use THAT bottle as my detergent dispenser. I can fill it up from my giant economy size. It holds probably 12 loads worth, so I don’t need to refill it often. And, best of all – no more slimy gunk in the bottom of the detergent cup!

Do you have something around your house that is kinda driving you crazy? Something that could use a creative solution? Leave a comment below or drop me a line at & I will see what I can come up with!