Gaining traction on a microwave plate cover with an emery board!

If you own a microwave, then you probably own something like this:

(If you don’t – then you really should! – just sayin’!)😉

Anyway, when we first got this cover, I couldn’t pick it up. The handle was so slippery, that it just slid right out of my fingers. And since it was usually hot, there was a good chance somebody was going to get hurt. Probably me.

So, I started thinking of some way to improve my grip on it.  The surface was pretty slick, so my thought was if it could be roughened somehow, my grip would improve.  Enter my trusty emery board!
I use emery boards a lot – one of my favorite tools!  Cheap, small and I usually have one laying just within reach! A few swipes around the handle and – Voila! – a surface that I could grip and not worry about burning myself!

Do you have anything in your house that you have a hard time holding onto? (Other than money?!😜) How do you get a grip on those things? Share with us in the “Comments” below!

Have a Blessed day!