Just “wrapping up” (pun intended!) the Christmas giftTape giving season.  This “invention” could have saved you a ton of aggravation!  Oh, well – as Cub fans “used to” say – “There is always next year!”

This one is so simple, I bet you will say “I should have thought of THAT myself!”

When using tape that doesn’t have a dispenser, simply fold the end over after cutting off what you need.  When you need more, the end will be super-easy to find!  You won’t break any nails picking at the roll trying to find the end, either!

Another variation on this same theme:

If you are taping a box closed that you will need to open again, fold the end of the tape over creating a tab.  This will allow you to easily peel open the box.  For true “re usability”, cover the edges of the box flaps with tape.  you will be able to seal and reseal that box without tearing up the cardboard!