I had some surgery on my left eye a couple of weeks ago. Recovering quite nicely – thanks for asking!

But now that the discomfort is all-but-gone the only issue I have is remembering if I took my medicine. See, even eye drops are considered medicine. And if you want to be a good patient and get all better (which I do!) you have to put your drops in 4 x a day. (at least I do – follow your package directions)

But it isn’t like pills that you can count to see if you took them all.  I would take the first two – morning & noon-ish – and then by suppertime I would forget if I took #2 and wonder if was taking #3. Or was it only #2?

After a few days of wondering if I was taking all 4 drops, I realized that I needed to come up with a way to keep track of my drops – and I thought some of you might be having the same issue. This is what I came up with – see if it might help you, too!

I took 4 glass stones & put them next to my drops. Now every time I take a drop, I remove a stone and I can see how many drops I still have to take! Do you have any tricks to remember to take your medicine? Share them in “Comments”!